Below are some incredible words from some remarkable pilots. And read the ariticles written about us in some very popualr magazines

Jeff Mawhinney
Unlimited Aerobatic and Airshow Pilot

“Performance Engines are smooth, reliable, powerful, and are built with attention to detail. During my air show routine the power from my engine leaves everyone amazed.  I am often asked by people from the crowd and pilots, "What kind of engine do you run?" Of course my response is, "Nothing but the best.  A Performance Engine from Ron Monson.


Darryl Greenamyer
Reno Racer and former SR-71 Blackbird pilot

“At last years Reno Air Races I was using an engine prepared by Performance Engines. I watched during the buildup of the engine as it was done with meticulous care. During practice my fastest lap was clocked around 370 mph using rather extreme power settings. I could not be happier with the engine which took me to my third consecutive victory. I look forward to another year at Reno with a Performance Engine.”

Chandy Clanton
U.S. Aerobatic Team

“Not only is it the most beautiful engine I have ever seen.  It is the best performing engine I have ever run!  I truly believe that the extra horsepower and reliability provided by my Performance Engine helps me at every Airshow.”


Norm DeWitt
Competition Pilot, Air Show Performer

"In the type of flying I do, my engine is operated at full power, high RPM, +/- 10 Gs, and at air temperatures often above 100 degrees F. I trashed four prior engines from another rebuilder in roughly 800 hours. One of those failures caused a forced landing that totalled the airplane. I switched to Performance Engines, and my Performance engine now has more than 400 hours on it. It runs like a clock. I highly recommend Performance Engines to everyone."

Mike Mangold
U.S. Aerobatic Team

“During the course of every air show I hang my life on the reliability and strength of my Performance Engine.  I appreciate the great service provided by Ron Monson and his team of professionals, especially when I needed an engine two weeks before the 2003 World Aerobatic Championships.”

Jon Nash
Cutting Edge Aerobatics, Unlimited Aerobatic and Airshow Pilot

Like most Unlimited aerobatic and airshow pilots, I need maximum
performance and reliability from my equipment. I have been flying my
Performance Engine hard since 2001 with no problems. Ron Monson and the
Performance Engines crew have been great to work with. Their customer
service is fantastic and their engines rock! If you need extreme performance
and reliability, then Performance Engines are for you!"

Andy Chiavetti
Race Plane Builder

“You can race with any engine.  But if you want to be competitive and become one of the few to enjoy the winning circle then there is only one engine that will take you there.  Performance Engines.  It’s the only trouble free engine I have found!”

Steve Andelin
U.S. Aerobatic Team

“I have dealt with several high performance engine shops but Ron Monson’s shop, Performance Engines is by far the cleanest, most organized and customer service oriented outfit in the industry.  You can get horsepower from just about anyone. But you can only get Reliability and Horsepower from One. Performance Engines.”

Dan Wright
Reno Air Racer

“The increase in power and speed I got from my Performance Engine was obvious from the first take off and during every race since.  As a Racer this is very important, but of equal importance is the fact that Ron Monson and his company stand behind their products.” 

Norman Way
Reno Racer

“The first thing I noticed when I started flying with my Performance Engine was the dramatic reduction in vibration; this is the smoothest engine I have ever had.  Most important, was the increase in power.  Usually I would qualify at Reno with a speed of 200 mph, my first year with Performance Engines my speed jumped to 217!  The only thing I did to my Pitts was change the engine, so I can only attribute this change in airspeed to my Performance Engine.”

Rob Harrison
Air Show Performer

“I have never abused an engine as much as a Performance Engine.  Ron Monson’s engines offer the reliability of an anvil with tons of horsepower.  I would never dream of flying an air show without one!”


Browse through what leading publications in aviation find in a Performance Engine

Vicki Cruse
Private Pilot, April 1999 Read the article

Private Pilot – “The company (Performance Engines) does a lot of work with experimental aircraft engines. I liked what I saw at the shop and what I heard from people who have used the company.”

Kas Thomas Read the article
TBO Advisor, May 1998

“Cleanest shop we’ve been to; modern equipment; good warranty;emphasis on new (rather than rebuilt accessories; specialized services available. On-airport location.”

Steve Whitson Read the article
Custom Planes, April 2003

“Ron Monson has a background in drag racing and has incorporated many of the racing alteration into his aircraft engines.” 

Mike Palmer Read the article
Light Plane Maintenance, May 2005

“The old hot rod tricks gains greater respect through exhaustive empirical testing and years of use.” 

Bruce Loppnow
Pipers Magazine, January 1999

“The engine was dismantled, blueprinted and balanced. N4067W is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind Cherokee Six, and perhaps the best of the fleet of Piper’s premiere Cherokee lineage.” 

Joe Diorio
French Valley Aviation, June 2003

French Valley Aviation – “These engines (Performance Engines) have proven to be some of the smoothest, most-reliable powerplants in the industry.”

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