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Pursuit of Excellence
We are the leaders in the field of High Performance Aircraft Engines. Our superior quality, performance and durability are a few reasons the aerobatics and pylon racing champions turn to Performance Engines for their powerplants. Additionally, our pursuit of excellence in customer service is beyond comparison. We offer the most exacting tolerances in the industry whether it be in our rebuilt engines or our own line of premium engine components.

We are leaders in our field for building quality engines and parts one at a time—for the ultimate in balance, performance and longevity. It is why the leaders in aerobatics and pylon racing turn to us for their powerplants. We now offer our own line of premium pistons, parts and engine components.

A Few Highlights of Performance Engines
Performance Engines has been in the business of building high performance aircraft engines since 1995, while Ron Monson, the owner of Performance Engines, has been in the aircraft engine business for over 25.

Two thirds of the US Aerobatics team, including its captain, Kirby Chamblis, run Performance Engines (Lycoming IO-540 Parallel Valve).

Close to half of all Sport Class participants at the annual Reno Air Races race with Performance Engines.

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